Rose Computers is a dedicated team of professionals serving a growing and varied client base.  Our culture is one of teamwork, cooperation, and shared accomplishment.  We take pride in our expertise, professionalism, and focus on customer service.  We are looking for bright people that communicate well, have a passion for customer service, and have the knowledge and experience required to step into the position(s) available and work autonomously.

For technical positions, we offer strong growth opportunities and new experiences.  Due to the diverse nature of our client base we deal with many unique and challenging IT scenarios.  We stay on the leading edge of technology, applying it for best use and benefit for our clients.  While we are constantly reviewing, and taking on new products and services we also use process control to refine the implementation and troubleshooting of the standard tools and installations we deploy.  We resolve a problem thoroughly and document the solution so our teammates to do not need to repeat the process, and our customers gain from the collective resource of our experience.

If this environment sounds like a good fit for you and your abilities, please send a resume, cover letter, and three references to

As a project engineer, you will be responsible for the implementation of IT projects.  Projects run the gamut from migrating business from Exchange to Office 365, to deploying multi-site wan infrastructure designed for performance and resiliency.  Experience with network technology (routers, firewalls, switches), server operating systems, VMware, and Various backup and DR solutions is expected.  Certifications are a plus.

This position is a high-level engineering position for an IT professional with extensive experience.  You will be responsible for troubleshooting and supporting a variety of complex network implementations.  Technicians and engineers escalate issues to you for resolution.  Project deployment and management are required.  Proven experience with most of these items are expected:

  • Cisco products and architecture.
  • TCPIP, VLANs, network management, and solid understand of how network traffic flows.
  • Server Operating Systems from 2008 through 2016.
  • Active directory, DNS, and active directory health management.
  • Veeam, Storagecraft, Replibit, Zerto, and/or other DR and backup solutions.
  • Project management: track record of successful project implementations and/or management.

This is a level 1 tech position.  As a network technician, you will be responsible for system builds, image deployment, deployment of endpoints to clients, remote troubleshooting and help desk support. Proven expertise with desktop operating systems, basic network configuration and troubleshooting, and strong communication skills are a must.  Proven experience with most of these items are expected:

  • Switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless networking.
  • Desktop Operating systems from Windows 7 through Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Office Suite, adobe acrobat, CAD software.
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, and diagnostic software tools.

The Rose Computer’s Sales Coordinator is responsible for duties including those described for administrative assistance, but this position supports a sales department exclusively.  The position includes direct account management as well as support of Dave’s customers. Additional responsibilities may include, coordinating the submission of proposals, planning meetings, tracking sales progress, troubleshooting minor technical problems, maintaining department database records, and serving as a liaison between sales representatives and staff based in the office.

Direct account management includes, and is not limited to:

  • Weekly calls with primary client contact.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Cyber Security Review Zoom meetings with account decision makers – or coordination thereof.
  • Sales quotations and proposals as needed.
  • Long term planning and documentation of plan in Rose Computer systems.
  • Documented budget review with accounts assigned.
  • Directly responsible for customer satisfaction for each named account.