Introducing Security in a Box:

Now You Can Enjoy Total Peace of Mind, for One Small Monthly Fee.

Security-in-a-Box is a Modular Approach to Comprehensive Security with a Fully Customized Combination of State-of-the-Art Software, Services and Protocols including:

  • IT Products
  • Controls
  • Policies
  • Services
  • Education

Security-in-a-Box is SO Much More than Firewalls and Antivirus!

This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Policy: UAP (User Access Policy) Determines what the user can and cannot access & store on their local system.
  • Testing: We perform email phish testing to all users and use results to educate staff and management.
  • Protection: Includes: Password Management, Content Filtering,  Multi-Factor Authentication, and Disc Encryption.
  • Training: Twice annual staff-wide cyber security training.
  • Management: Review testing results & continually enhance training.

Stay Ahead of Risk with Security-in-a-Box.

  • Safe.
  • Simple.
  • Secure.

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